Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors for watersoluble and watermiscible Metalworking Coolants


Amine Borates
In many formulations boric-acid esters and blends are used in combination with different alkanol-amines.

Boric acid compounds are often components of durable, easy-to-use metalworking coolants exhibiting good corrosion resistance, which is supported by addition of carboxylates.

In the ACL range there are a number of boric acid esters of which the standard products are DEA free. Special DEA formulations are available on request.

Amine Carboxylates


Amine carboxylates are used in boron based and boron free coolants to improve the corrosion protection properties on ferrous metals.

In addition to MEA and TEA containing compounds, there are special low odour and low skin irritating carboxylates available. To complement these there is a range of complex nitrogen based corrosion inhibitors particularly recommended for use in watersoluble and watermiscible fluids.

Compounds with triazine-tri-carboxylic Acids

Triazine-tri-carboxylic-acids are excellent corrosion inhibitors for steel. They are low foaming and can be used in their neutralised form in synthetic watersoluble fluids as well as in semi-synthetic emulsions. Triazine-tri-carboxylic acids are available as pure acid in finely granulated form for quick dissolution. They are also available in different liquid blends.

These products are known as good corrosion inhibitors on steel. They are low foaming, very temperature- and hard water stable and can be used for a wide range of applications in watersoluble and watermiscible fluids.
The ACL range of alkylaryl-sulfonamido-carboxylic-acids are biologically degradable and available in liquid or powder form.

Polycarboxylic acids are excellent corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals. ACL offers such products in pure powder form as well as in watermiscible blends with special properties for quick dissolution. In particular Dimer Acids C11 and C12 can be supplied as well as blends of polycarboxylic acids. All polycarboxylic-acids are free of nitrites and secondary amines.

Watersoluble Phosphoric Acid Esters (amine- and sodium-neutralised)
Amine neutralised phosphoric acid esters are available in a wide range of different modifications up to partially neutralised versions. The products are stable in hard water and exhibit excellent corrosion protection properties. Phosphoric acid esters are particularly useful in the formulation of metal degreasing agents and vapour phase inhibitors.

Sodium neutralised phosphoric acid esters are also available in a number of different modifications including partially neutralised types. Hard water stable versions are also available. Amine free phosphoric acid esters are recommended for the formulation of synthetic grinding fluids for hard metals in order to avoid cobalt leaching.

Watersoluble for non-ferrous Metal Inhibitors
The range of watersoluble yellow metal inhibitors comprises of solutions of different passivating additives with excellent anti-corrosive properties. In addition there are modifications available which include aluminium protection.