Corrosion Preventatives soluble in Oil and Solvents

KorrosionschutzFilm building additives

Additiv-Chemie offers a variety of additives for the formulation of temporary corrosion inhibitors. These products are distinguished by the media in which they are solved:

  • Mineral oil
  • Solvent
  • Water

Also the nature of the protective film needs to be defined

  • oily film
  • dry waxy film
  • vaseline like film
  • film thickness

Finally the use of dewatering additives may be required.
Whilst oily films can be formed by using oil soluble rust preventatives, dry, waxy or vaseline like films require the use of solvents. The desired performance of the rust inhibitor depends on the storage conditions of the metal piece to be protected. Difference is made between indoor and outdoor storage as well as the ambient conditions.

The thickness of the film, together with its type and composition determines its rust protection properties. In general temporary rust protection films should be easy to remove to facilitate further processing without leaving any residues on the metal surface. In the majority of cases the films can be removed easily using alcaline media.

The duration of the rust protection is important for the selection of additives to be used. Long term rust protection particularly for external storage commonly requires the use of films with high levels of adhesion which need the use of solvents or steam to remove them.

In some cases special properties such as rapid demulsification, acid fume resistance properties are of particular interest. Also the use of barium based additives could be effective.

Additiv-Chemie offers a comprehensive range of additives for temporary rust protection. Recommendations for use should be considered on a case by case basis paying regard to the above criteria.

Yellow Metal Inhibitors, oil soluble
A range of products for the protection of yellow and other non-ferrous metals is available for use in cutting oils and greases which are easy to blend into the oil being used. This includes TTZ and BTZ containing formulations.