Emulsifier Packages

Emulsifier Packages for watermiscible and watersoluble Metalworking Coolants

Emulsifier Packages

ACL is one of the market leaders for the development of packages for use in the production of metalworking fluids. Generally a metalworking coolant can be easily made by blending an emulsifier package with base oil. Depending on the end use, water, EP/AW support, biocide and yellow metal inhibitor can be added.

Using packages facilitates production and formulation of metalworking coolants for a variety of reasons:

  • Simple storage of ready-to-use packages
  • Short production cycles
  • Little development work
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Conformity with current health and safety standards
  • Proven formulations
  • Lower fixed costs

ACL offers a wide range of packages for metalworking coolants:

  • Conventional metalworking fluids (milky fluids) >60% oil content
  • for hard and soft waters
  • with different treat rates and corrosion protection properties (10%-25% treat rates + oil/water and other additives)
  • semi-synthetic fluids based on sulfonates but boron free
  • semi-synthetic (long life) fluids based on boron amines but sulfonate free
  • low foaming formulations
  • packages for use with Aluminium
  • Amine-, boron- and preservation agent free semi-synthetic packages
  • Amine-, boron- and mineral oil free semi-synthetic packages (ester based)
  • Packages for fully synthetic fluids (mineral oil free)
  • Packages for metal cleaners
  • Package for system cleaning and stabilization of contaminated emulsions
  • Tailor made packages for specialty process emulsions
  • Amine based fluids with „biocide free” technology
  • Packages for multimetal applications i.e. steel, stainless steel, yellow metals, Aluminum -> waterhardness independent, excellent corrosion inhibition, high reserve alcalinity and low labelling requirements

In addition any type of special package can be made to suit customer requirements on an individual basis, covered, if necessary, by confidentiality agreements. All products are free of nitrites and generally free of DEA, which is only used at the express wish of the customer.

New developments in packages for metalworking fluids

During the last years ACL has developed advanced new technologies for metalworking fluids. Typically, the package allows the formulator to blend oil and package according to sample formulations given by ACL. The package operates as a building block for the final formulation which will be individual with respect to:

  • Desired application properties and metals in use
  • Corrosion protection properties
  • Biocidal protection
  • Customers base oils and co-emulsifiers
  • EP and AW properties
  • Water hardness and foaming behaviour
  • In many cases other ingredients have to be added to the final formulation.
    ACL develops such individual recipes for its customers.

Recently a new range of packages for metalworking fluid packages has been added to the product portfolio. Such formulations have been designed with focus on:

  • Low foaming and independence of water hardness (from 0-1500 ppm)
  • Multi metal application with focus on Aluminium and different steel types
  • Biocide free concepts (if desired also with conventional biocides)
  • High pH value, high reserve alkalinity
  • Boron free or boron based
  • Low CLP labelling requirements
  • Absence of tall oil derivatives to reduce skin irritation
  • Appearance translucent to milky

The new range of product is on sale for interested customers.

Our latest recommendations include

Water hardness independent, processing of Aluminium

  • Emulsifier EM 18240 + Emulsifier EM 18242 → biocide free technology
  • Emulsifier EM 18244 N → biocide based technology
  • Emulsifier EM 19005 N → all-in-package with biocide for simple formulation of concentrate (BIT based)

Water hardness independent, processing of ferrous materials (no Aluminium)

Focus on low foam

Biocide free technology

  • EM 18140 + EM 17190 → boron free
  • EM 17230 + EM 17190 → boron based

Biocide based technology (BIT and Pyrithions/Carbamates)

  • EM 18185 → boron free
  • EM 18108 → boron based

Other Developments

  • Emulsifier package EM 20049 → easy to blend, biocide added, processing of Aluminium, boron-amine based, for soft waters, economic

Emulsifier for formulation of concentrates for milky fluids, conventional technology

Very low treat rate and good corrosion protection

  • Emulsifier EM 20044 → for soft waters, 10% treat rate in base oil, good corrosion protection

Packages for quick formulation of synthetic fluids, very low treat rate

  • Additive AB 20043 → boron based, 30% - 50% treat rate in demin water
  • Additive AC 19268 → boron free, processing of AL, dosage 50%-60% in demin water, low foaming, pure corrosion inhibitor for synthetic fluids, very low foaming, excellent corrosion protection

Additives for enhanced functionality of synthetic fluids

  • watersoluble sulfur additive (AW 18074)
  • watersoluble sulphur-phosphorus AW additive (EP 3056W)
  • watersoluble yellow metal inhibitor (CI 8172)
  • watersolube phosphoric acids esters
  • watersoluble EO/PO blockpolymers, low foaming, outstanding lubricity (AWS 19201)


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