Other Additives

Sonstige Additive

ACL offers a number of highly effective and economic defoamers. There are both silicone-based and silicone-free products available. In addition the defoamers have been formulated in different concentrations to facilitate formulation in concentrates as well as for tank side addition.

Our silicone based defoamers do not cause problems in post treatment of the work piece. The defoamers can be used in the automotive industry. They are easy to disperse and can quickly be added to concentrates.

Moreover different types of wax defoamers are available.

Dewatering Additives
In order to facilitate dewatering in particular as part of the preparation for temporary rust protection these products should be added in small quantities. Our dewatering additives do not leave any unwanted film.

Quenching Oil Additives
These products have been designed to improve the cooling properties of mineral oil and waterbased quenching fluids.

Non-ionic Tensides for Cleaning Fluids and Release Agents

This product group comprises of different tensides for the emulsification of the following products:

  • Triglycerides
  • Orange Terpenes
  • Isoparaffines
  • White Spirits
  • White Oil
  • Mineral Oil

for the production and formulation of cold cleaners, mould release agents, emulsifiable oils and others. A typical field of application would be mould release agents for the building industry, formulation of industrial cleaners or white oil emulsifiers for the textile industry.

Cleaner Super Concentrate EM 5116
EM 5116 is a watermiscible cleaner package for the formulation of universal cleaner systems with a high grease dissolving power on the basis of micro emulsions and alkaline salts. The product is biodegradable. In does not need labeling starting from a blend of 1:1 with water.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
These products have a particular cleaning effect on stainless steel surfaces. They display a good fingerprint resistance by leaving a very thin protective film on shiny surfaces.

Various tailor made Additives
For a number of customers special additives for other industrial end uses have been formulated e.g. for application in mining- or flotation fluids as well as for construction chemicals (packages for the formulation of mould release agents).


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