Products Esti Chem A/S (Denmark)

Additives for Industrial Cleaners and VOC replacement

Esti Chem

Esti Chem A/S (Denmark) is a subsidiary of Additiv-Chemie Luers. The company is focussing in environmentally friendly esters and packages as components for industrial applications (

Distilled mono esters applied as VOC replacements, solvency boosters, and carrier fluids in formulated chemical products such as industrial cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners, blanket & roller washes, oil field chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, printing inks, and adhesives.

Single-component surfactants and surfactant-packages for use as key formulation components in industrial degreasers, oil field chemicals, automotive products, micro emulsion degreasers, and blanket & roller washes for the printing industry.

Selected combinations of ESTISOL and ESTSURF products for application as VOC replacements in various industries such as epoxy and unsaturated polyester industry (replacing acetone), polystyrene processing industry (replacing acetone), and heavy-duty metal working industry (replacing hydrocarbon solvents).

Silicone oil-free defoamers applied in water-miscible metal working fluids, cleaners, fountain solutions, and other water-dilutable systems.