Synthetic and natural Sodium Sulfonates

Heavy Sodium sulfonates are often key raw materials of many formulations of metalworking fluids.

Sodium sulfonates combine emulsification and corrosion resistance properties in the same molecule. Normally corrosion resistance improves with higher molecular weight but at the same time emulsification properties decrease.

ACL sulfonates do not only show excellent emulsification properties (depending on the molecular weight) but due to ACL´s modern cleaning technology the salt content is very low. ACL is one of the few producers of natural and synthetic sodium sulfonates.

A whole range of sodium based sulfonates is available starting with a molecular weight of 420 up to 700.

ACL offers some label free sulfonates of heavy molecular weight (please enquire)

In addition to mineral oil containing products ACL offers also mineral oil free sodium sulfonates based on synthetic esters.

A range of neutral and overbased barium sulfonates is produced. Barium sulfonates are generally used for temporary corrosion preventatives and also show very good demulsification properties.

Calcium sulfonates are also available with different molecular weights both as neutral and overbased types. Ca-sulfonates exhibit not only remarkable corrosion protection and demulsification properties but also form a key element in EP additive packages.

A small range of amine sulfonates are also produced by ACL.


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