Synthetic Specialty Esters


Pourpoint Depressants and Viscosity Improvers
ACL is offering a wide range of pourpoint depressants and VI improvers. The products have been formulated for different applications in industrial and motor oils. They have been adjusted to different base oils and represent an economic alternative to the current market portfolio. Various types are available also for mineral oil free applications.

Synthetic Specialty Esters
Biodegradable fluids belong to this group of products, which combine excellent hydrolytic stability, outstanding wetting- and good lubrication properties. This gives our esters a leading edge over other products for the formulation of fluids used in the metal industry. Of special note are the following products:

Typical properties of these esters are: Excellent wetting properties, low tendency to hydrolyse due to their special molecular design. In addition they are not agressive to most sealant materials.
Typical end uses are in chemicals for construction and fluids for the metal industry as well as release agents.

Our pentaerythritol-esters are known for their high flashpoints and low Iodine values. They exhibit excellent lubrication properties, also at high temperatures and biodegrade rapidly such as our other esters.

Neutral self emulsifying Esters
All esters of this group are self emulsifying without the addition of tensides. When they are blended with water up to a certain concentration, the viscosity increases but the solutions remain clear.

Our self emulsifying esters show excellent lubrication properties and display great resistance to hydrolysis due to their molecular design. Typical applications are in mould release agents, drawing-, rolling- and waterbased stamping and forming fluids as well as lubrication enhancers for watermiscible metalworking fluids.

Acid-functional self emulsifying Esters
All esters of this group are acid functional and can be neutralized to form soaps. They will then be self emulsifying without the addition of tensides.

As with the neutral types they exhibit excellent lubrication properties and have great stability against hydrolysis due to their molecular structure. These esters have a residual functional acid group. When used in metalworking fluids where increased corrosion resistance is desired, alkaline neutralisation is necessary.

Esti Chem Producer of Specialty Esters
More specialty esters for a number of additional applications are developed and sold by Esti Chem A/S a subsidiary of ACL.