Tackiness Agents


Tackiness Agents for Oils
The range of tackifiers is based on PIB in mineral oil and exhibit viscosity control properties.

They also improve the tackiness of the oil and typically it is possible to draw strings of it.
There are different viscosities available. Typical use of tackifiers is in cutter bar oils, chain saw oils, slideway oils, greases as well as anti-mist additives.

As far as biological degradability is concerned, different products based on natural esters are available. For chain saw oils we recommend Tac Oil BA, which is fully biodegradable and serves for lubrication reducing oil loss on the chain.

Products based on white oil are also available, e.g. for use in the textile and food industry.

The following grades are available

  • Tac Oil C (high viscosity)
  • Tac Oil M (medium viscosity)
  • Empex 3200T (medium viscosity based on white oils)
  • Tac Oil AM (anti-mist additive)
  • Tac Oil AM/E (tackiness agent based on synthetic esters)
  • Tac Oil BA (biologically degradable tackiness agent)
  • Special tackiness agents (e.g. mineral oil free; PAMA based)
  • Tackiness agents free of mineral oil, based on alkylates


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