EP-/AW-Additives and Packages for the formulation of neat cutting oils

EP Additive
Additiv-Chemie has developed a number of EP additives and additive packages which act synergistically. Depending on the treat rate of the additive and the viscosity of the base oil, different cutting processes of the metal are supported.

The range of EP products comprises zinc based and zinc free types and can be recommended for use in either pure neat oils or water-miscible cutting fluids.

Whilst we do not offer any chlorinated paraffins, we have focussed on their substitution.

ACL is the distributor for Polysulfides TPS 20, TPS 32 and TPS 44 from Arkema in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Turkey. Polysulfides are excellent carriers of active and inactive sulphur in EP additives. The Arkema products are known for their low odour, light colour and high stability.

Sulphurized additives
Additiv-Chemie Luers (ACL) is the distributor of the EPOIL range from Hornett Bros & Co Ltd. in Western Europe. The EPOIL range consists of dark and light sulphurised/vulcanised extreme pressure additives for many applications. Additionally, it consists of packages for gear oils and packages for slideway oils.

Blown Rapeseed Oils
Blown rapeseed oils are economic lubrication enhancers based on CO2 neutral raw materials. Three different grades are available with ACL.

Phosphoric Acid Esters (AW Additives)
Oil soluble phosphoric acid esters are well known for their excellent AW properties. In addition they give corrosion protection in particular when chlorinated paraffins are being used. Ethoxylated as well as non-ethoxylated types are available.

Watersoluble EP Additives
There are also water-soluble EP additives available for use in glycol/waterbased synthetic lubricants. These products may be used to boost EP performance in such fluids by adding phosphorus- and sulphur compounds.

Additive Packages

For Steels: Additive Package EP 340 N for universal cutting oils and deep hole drilling

  • one-stop additive for cutting on automated lathes and milling machines
  • tapping, medium and heavy duty milling, lathing and broaching
  • dosage can easily be varied, no additional additives necessary, chlorine free

For yellow metals: Additive Package AW 14599 for Aluminium and Brass processing oils

  • suitable for cutting and forming of light aluminium profiles
  • heavy duty cutting of aluminium
  • light and heavy duty milling and lathing of brass gadgets for hydraulic applications

Additive Package AW 14611 for Aluminium drawing and stamping oils

  • suited to formulate radiator and fin stock stamping fluids

Additive Package EP 15000 for the formulation of cold forming oils

  • zinc and phosphorous free
  • ideal for the formulation of cold forming oils incl. circular lubrication
  • manufacturing of automotive parts with high tensile strength

Additive Package EP 15090 for the formulation of fine blanking oils

  • free of zinc, phosphorus and chlorine
  • suitable for precision cutting of steel incl. fine blanking up to 9 mm and more
  • cup drawing of steel

Additive Package EP 15099 for the formulation of processing oils for Titanium

  • free of zinc, phosphorus and chlorine (copper active)
  • grinding of titanium parts
  • milling of titanium pieces

Additive Package EP 16006 for formulation of cold forming oils for mass production of nuts and screws

  • zinc- and chlorine free
  • for production of screws and nuts on multi stage presses
  • stable at high temperature and pressure


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