Non-ionic additivess


Non-ionic Additives (Amides and Fatty Alcohols)

Fatty Acid Amides
Fatty acid amides belong to the group of nonionics and are key components in metalworking coolants due to their properties as co-emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. The range of products includes compounds based on MEA and DEA, as well as alkylaryl-amido carboxylates and special long chain amides for use in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

Our product lines is orientated along the industry standards such as ethoxilated watermiscible fatty acid based amides as well as olein based components. There are also fatty acid diethanolamides and as well as the pure amide body.

PO/ EO Fatty Alcohols

Ethoxilated fatty alcohols are excellent co-emulsifiers and support stability of metalworking concentrates. Moreover they can serve in applications such as textile oil or mould release formulations. ACL offers C16/C18 ethoxilated fatty alcohols which display excellent properties as co-emulsifiers for water miscible fluids as well as emulsifiers for different oils.

ACL also offers PO/EO fatty alcohols with low labelling, low foaming and excellent emulsification characteristics,

Other Non-Ionics

  • Ethoxilated fatty acid as co-emulsifier
  • End-capped watermiscible tenside with excellent lubricity properties
  • Narrow range fatty alcohols for special applications



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